German-Style Cleaning Cloth

Product Code
Product ID Li-A7578
Product Features

1.Anti-bacterial, mildew-proof, and odor-free

2.Easy to wash, dries quickly, grease-proof

3.Soft, gentle, easy-to-use, and will not shed fibers

4.Tough and durable; excellent cleaning capabilities

5.Instant absorption leaves no water marks.

Product Use Household cleaning
Product specification

Materials: 20% polyester fiber, 10% polypropylene, 70% rayon

Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm 


1.Do not expose product to strongly acidic or alkaline substances. Product can be washed with cleaning liquids.

2.Some fading is normal. Prior to use, please test on a small area to check that no issues occur.

3.Wash and clean thoroughly after use. Place in a cool, shaded space and avoid exposure to sunlight.

4.This product must be kept away from heat sources to prevent safety hazards.


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