M/L/XL “Cool” Magic Cooling Cloth

Product Code
Product ID Li-B1674 (M), Li-B1681 (L), Li-B1698 (XL)
Product Features

1.This product is woven with cooling fibers in its fabric and contains no polymer materials. This unique technology results in a long-lasting cooling effect which does not reduce after washing or over time.

2.Cooling fiber fabric results in a product which is safe and does not irritate the skin, and feels lighter, breathable, and more comfortable compared to most moisture-absorbent fabric products.

3.When used after exercising, the cooling fibers absorb body heat, adjust body temperature and quickly decrease skin surface temperature, resulting in a quicker post-workout recovery.

4.Product users will instantly feel a cool sensation as if it were 16 degrees (60 degrees F)! (Actual cooling effect depends on surrounding temperature and the individual).

Product Use To cool down after exercise, outings, gardening, working, or leisure activities 
Product specification

Materials: Polyester cooling fiber

Product Dimensions: 30 x 90 cm, 40 x 110 cm, 60 x 120 cm


1.Do not machine wash or use hot water to clean. Do not use bleach.

2.Tumble dry and iron. Keep away from heat sources.

3.If after using the product, skin swells or becomes itchy, stop using the product immediately and see a dermatologist.

4.Do not wash with white or light-colored clothing, in order to prevent colors from running or fading. 


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