Clean Roller with Long Handle

Product Code
Product ID Li-A9404
Product Features

1.Super-strong adhesive removes fine hairs and lint and produces 40% better results.

2.New second generation diagonal tear design for easy removal of sheets

3.Roll comes in standard 38 mm inside diameter size used for all products in series.

4.Applicable for use on carpets, sofas, beds, bedding, curtains, clothing, and non-glossy floor surfaces.

Product Use Use roller to stick and remove fur, stray hairs, lint, dust, and glass shards. 
Product specification

Materials: Polypropylene, chrome steel, non-stick paper, paper, adhesive 

Product Dimensions:Overall: 18 x 95 x 7 cm; 

Roll: 16 cm width, 60 sheets x 1 roll 


1.To avoid the roller getting stuck due to extra-strength adhesive, please roll back and forth a few times on sofa or on clothing before using on smooth flat surfaces such as floors and desks.

2.Do not use on damp objects.

3.Keep away from high temperatures and heat sources. Keep out of reach of children.


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