Clothing and Bedding Vacuum Bag (M S)

Product Code
Product ID Li-B2015
Product Features

1.5x storage capacity

2.Strong, air-tight barrier, high sealability, high compressibility

3.Special double-seal design for better air-tightness and durability

4.Strengthened nylon material is extremely tough and durable.

5.Compress and stack to save storage space.

6.Use with home vacuum cleaner for easy and convenient operation.

7.Keeps clothes clean and protects from dust, moisture, mold, and moths or other insects.

Product Use

Saves onstorage space for clothing, bedding, and household items

Product specification

Materials: PA, PE

Product Dimensions: M: 80 cm x 100 cm (x1), S: 70 cm x 90 cm (x1)


1.Keep away from heat sources.

2.Take care to not puncture bag with sharp objects.

3.To avoid leaks caused by deformation, do not fold double seal.

4.Avoid using in damp or dusty environments. Do not use for any purpose other than its intended use.

5.Do not abrade or fold the product. In order to prevent damage, do not place sharp objects in the vacuum bag. Check the product before use, and do not use if damaged.

6.Due to pressure differences inside and outside of the bag, and its air permeability characteristics, it is normal for the bag to expand slightly after some time. If the item is to be stored for a long period of time, it is recommended that air be drawn out every one to two months, to maintain the effectiveness of the vacuum.

7.Do not pull up or remove the gasket from inside the valve.


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