Power Duster

Product Code
Product ID Li-B6679
Product Features

1.Attracts and traps dust, hairs, and fur with static electricity created by friction when cleaning

2.Ultra-dense electrostatic fibers have a fine, soft and supple texture which does not harm furniture surfaces.

3.Durable and resistant fiber composition allows for multiple reuses.

4.Can be reused after washing and drying

Product Use

Can be used for surface cleaning in offices, high places, living rooms, and bedrooms 

For example, can be used for cleaning sofas, tables and chairs, wardrobes and cabinets, blinds, and cars

Product specification

Materials: Steel, polypropylene

Product Dimensions: full length: 59 cm, fiber length: 8 cm


Product may be washed again and again. After washing, place in a well-ventilated, cool, shaded area. To prevent damage to its structure, do not place in wet areas, or expose to direct sunlight or high temperatures.


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